Future Goal

Teach, Facilitate, and Support Students in Creating and Performing an Original Musical

One of my life goals has always been to write a Musical. But now I am taking that goal with me to the world of education. My current goal is to teach, facilitate and support students to create and perform a Musical Theater Production.

The process of writing and performing a musical encourages the use of at least six multiple intelligences:  Musical (Composition/Arranging), Language (Script, Lyrics), Bodily/Kinesthetic (Blocking, Dance, Building Set), Interpersonal (Directing, Casting, Collaborating), Mathematics (Budget, Ticket sales), and Spatial (Set Design, Costuming).

How fantastic it would be to have a classroom work collaboratively to create a living and moving piece of art! With the rise of popular shows like Glee and American Idol, and games such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero, the motivation and enthusiasm for students to take on an endeavor such as this, is at an all time high.


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