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I grew up in the friendly city of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan! My parents, both teachers had four kids, of which I am the oldest. Music has always played a large role in my life. I started guitar and vocal lessons from a very early age which was a launching pad for my singer/songwriting career. I love to write music, I always have.

After graduating from Cornerstone High school, I hopped on a plane headed for Toronto, ON to further my musical growth. I was accepted into the prestigious Contemporary Music Degree Program at Humber College. During my time at Humber I had the opportunity to study with some of Canada’s most prolific jazz musicians such as Pat Labarbera, Shannon Gunn, and Rik Emmett.

While my major was in vocal performance, composition and arranging was also a large focus of my study. Toronto offered a plethora of performance and recording opportunities. I received recording grants from FACTOR as well as Rawlco Radio’s 10k/20 grant. I also started teaching private vocal and piano lessons at Windward Music School, which lead me to pursue a career in education. In my last year at Humber I received the Merriam School of Music Award for a commitment to excellence in jazz pedagogy.

In the spring of 2009 I was accepted into York Universities Junior/Intermediate Fine Arts Education program. This was an intensive year of study, specifically focused on how to integrate the arts into the classroom to help engage and assist in student learning. While education remains the core passion in my life, I continue to develop and grow as an artist as I feel this directly contributes to my effectiveness as an educator. Feel free to check out my website and have a listen! http://www.meredithjordan.ca.

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